Practice Risk Solutions

Clinic Coverage

Do you operate an independent practice? Is your practice incorporated? Do you have employees billing under your organization? CPA and participating provincial/territorial CPAP association members have exclusive access to discounted business package and clinic professional liability insurance. Coverage is designed to meet the specific needs of independent psychology practitioners.

  • What is Clinic Professional Liability Insurance and do I need it?

    In the event of a claim, both the treating professional (any regulated health professional) and the clinic are likely to be named in a statement of claim or lawsuit. Clinic Professional Liability Insurance protects the clinic and its assets in such circumstances. You should purchase this coverage if you have health professionals working for, or on behalf of, your clinic and billing under your clinic name. In addition, if you do not have employees but have an incorporated clinic, this coverage is automatically extended to you.

    Premium from $300

  • What is the Clinic/Business Package and do I need it?

    This policy provides insurance coverage for members who are operating a clinic. Included is Commercial General Liability coverage, Property Insurance and Crime protection to ensure comprehensive coverage for your business. Commercial General Liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury (for instance, slip and fall) and property damage caused to a third party.

    Property coverage protects against damage to contents, including medical equipment, and loss of revenues caused by an interruption of business activities arising because of an insured loss. Crime coverage protects against financial loss due to dishonesty, fraud, or theft of money, securities or other property owned by the office/clinic.

    Premium from $520

  • What is Contents / Crime Coverage coverage and do I need it?


    Members who operate a private practice in which they are the sole professional, and also rent or own a space for which they require contents coverage can purchase this coverage. The Property/Crime package includes $50,000 of contents insurance and $10,000 crime coverage. Higher limits are also available.

    Details of the basic coverage is outlined below. If you require additional limits or for more coverage information, please contact BMS Group.

    Broad form, subject to exclusions - 90% co-insurance.

    Coverage Limit
    Office Contents
    Covers the contents usual to an office (i.e. desk chairs, filing cabinets and computers while situated at the address indicated on your certificate). This policy provides “All Risks” of direct physical loss or damage to all assets (subject to policy exclusions) that you own or that you are responsible to insure.
    $1,000 deductible
    Replacement cost of laptops Yes
    Earthquake Coverage Yes - deductible $100,000
    Flood Coverage Yes - deductible $10,000
    Sewer Backup  Included - deductible $2,500
    Accounts Receivable $50,000
    Valuable Papers and Records
    Covers the additional expenses incurred to reproduce written, printed and otherwise inscribed papers following a loss.
    Extra Expense
    Covers the additional expenses you incur in order to maintain normal operations after an insured loss.
    Actual loss sustained
    Loss of Profit Actual loss sustained

    Premium from $320

  • What is Business Commercial General Liability and do I need it?

    Commercial General Liability

    Members who operate a clinic with several professionals, who are incorporated, who have purchased contents insurance with another provider or do not have any contents to insure, can purchase stand-alone commercial general liability insurance.

    Premium from $320

  • What is Employment Practices Liability Coverage and do I need it?

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) includes coverage for defense costs and damages related to various employment-related claims including allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment and retaliation. Click here for additional information.

    Please click here to find out more!